Rural Boorish Culture Subdued Urban Glitter

Albert Longfellow belongs to a middle class family of farmers. He was an enterprising young fellow whose aim in life was to achieve success and fame. He also knew the importance of getting educated and acquiring knowledge. The small town boy of farmer’s family has lived most of his life in remote places. His interaction and friends circle has its own limitations. Therefore, he chalked out new strategies to achieve his desired goal. He has few friends from school and some from the city’s urban elite. He was a voracious reader and wanted to discuss among his circle of friends. The school mates have peripheral feedback, whereas the urban elites have meaningful contributions adding knowledge and confidence. He used to spend reasonable time alone near the beach. In the dawn, he went to his favourite spot and started speaking loudly on predetermined topics. While doing so he learnt the art of speaking. He knew exactly when to emphasis and become powerful and when to become soft and slow. He was growing in stature both physically and mentally. He completed his schooling with distinction. He secured admission in an Ivy university and was preparing to study law. At no stage in life, he compromised on quality. He was keen on learning from anybody as long as knowledge was flowing. He also became a popular figure in the school. He was also a lonely person as he was an orphan. His friend from urban city dwelling was a girl Michele, who was rich yet simple in nature.

He bid adieu to the suburban dwellers, school teachers and friend prior to leaving his hometown. He was given a warm sendoff and conveyed a lot of best wishes. He arrived in the city and met Michele at the university. Michele knew the boorish environments of suburbs and wanted Albert to get the first hand situation report about urban dwellers and elite societies. She briefed him the synopsis of Ivy university culture. She also appraised him in the nutshell the dormitory culture and urban elite children’s thinking pattern. He was allotted a single room which was comfortable and very systematically built to suit the students. Michele arranged the room using her expertise and urban elite culture. Her arrangements have totally transformed the dormitory from a typical student’s room to the looks of a posh studio apartment. She invited Albert for dinner at her residence so that he will interact with the elite society members. She briefed him the cultural etiquettes and table manners. She also trained him in convivial conversation. The advantage with Albert was his knowledge and ability to mesmerize the crowed. His fluency speaking power without conversational mitigation speaks volumes of his confidence and courage. Michele cautioned Albert that there are some elements that are snobbish. He whispers in Michele’s ear, saying that he is smart, strong and powerful within the limitations of elite cultural and social etiquettes.

Albert dressed up decently and reached her house dot on time. The party coordinator ushered him to party hall, and Michele escorted him to her parents. Albert knew that his first impression will be the cornerstone of a strong and lasting foundation in the elite circle. Michele’s has already briefed her parents about Albert’s intelligence and powerful personality. She also cautioned them to be careful with regards conversations, otherwise he will make you entangled in your own nest. Michele introduced Albert to her parents. Albert extended his hand and bows down a bit and said, “It is a great honour to meet you Sir.” He then turned towards her mother and said Madam; your presence reminded me of my mother who passed away when she celebrated my fifth birth day. The kindness and love and affection on your face make me feel nostalgic. I am truly honoured to meet you. Tears rolled down from her eyes, and he hugged and kissed him. She also extended an open invitation to home and asked him to visit their home, whenever he desires. Both Mr. Robert Clinton and Ms. Sara Clinton said that they are happy to meet him and appreciated Michele’s judgement of people.

Albert interacted with rich and famous people in the party. His conversation has been mesmerizing effect on the people he interacted. Mr. William Longfellow was a billionaire dealing in real estate has focused his eyes on Albert. He could see the abundant talents and huge potential to achieve aims and objectives. William immediately sensed his sharpness and social interaction capabilities. He invited him to dinner in the posh hotel. Albert agreed and promised to be there on he appointed day and time. The hosts ushered all the guests to the dining hall for dinner. After the dinner, the guests were preparing to depart, and the hosts thank individually and collectively to all. Albert was the last to leave and thanked Mr. and Ms. Clinton for a great evening. Michele accompanied him to the entrance hall, and the chauffeur drove him back to the campus. Albert has learnt a lot from this elite gathering, besides having the pleasure of convivial talk and culinary expertise of the upscale society. The most effective part was the kindheartedness of Ms. Sara Clinton. He realised that the elite societies have also a humanity factors within their superficial pomp and show.

Albert reached the hotel dot on time and received by his secretary. She ushered him to the governor’s suit and was welcome by Mr. Longfellow. The secretary left them alone and went back to her room attached with the governor’s suit. William started the conversation with the weather which was overcast and intermittent drizzle. He said it is depressing, and he wished nice sunshine instead. Albert replied that it is rather interesting that it was raining on all important and joyful occasions of Queen Elizabeth. He added weight to his own views about rainy days and said that it is mercy of God, and he enjoys it. However, there are occasioned when humans wanted things to fall in line of their liking and priorities. William immediately comes down to business and enquired about his aims and objectives. Albert made it absolutely clear to him that he wanted to utilize his talents in fulfilling basic needs of the poor and destitute. He wanted to achieve dizzy height of success and fame and also earn a fortune. He will make a trust which earnestly caters to fulfil my dreams. William asked him what did you miss in your life? He replied without any conversational mitigation that his mother. He emphasized that during the five years his mother had laid the foundation of an honesty, confidence, deed and modesty. He was cherishing her love and affection, and he will continue to do so until death. Albert asked William what did you miss and what do you desire in life? William answered frankly and candidly that he missed his childhood and desire to be a simple man. Albert was so impressed by his answer that he bows down his head in honour of his greatness. William got and hugged Albert and promised to contribute towards his trust. They headed towards the restaurant section for dinner, followed by his secretary. The dinner was delicious and sumptuous and enjoyed collectively by all. After the dinner, they all departed and William accompanied Albert until his campus.

It was the Saturday night, and Albert was relaxing in his bed and was totally immersed in deep thoughts. He was thinking about William and his answer. He thought that when a man misses his childhood then it speaks volumes of his greatness and humility. He desired to be a simple man reflects his kindheartedness and strong personality. He remembered his mother’s wish; she wrote prior to her death and handed me over. She then asked me to preserve it and read when I go to high school. It was the simple man lyrics:
Mama told me when I was young
Come sit beside me, my only son
And listen closely to what I say.
And if you do this
It will help you some sunny day.
Take your time… don’t live too fast,
Troubles will come, and they will pass.
Go find a woman and you’ll find love,
And don’t forget son,
There is someone up above.

Albert slept and got up the following morning, and he found it to be totally different morning. He felt a fresh lease of life and new enthusiasm. The last night party of elite society has rejuvenated his energy. He was remembering the simple man’s poem periodically recited by his mother prior to putting him to bed. He missed his mother and tears rolled down his cheeks. Her mother’s words were mesmerizing him to think positive. The words have invigorated him, and his thoughts and feelings catapulted him into sublimity. He composed himself and set forth his aims and objectives on track and continued his journey of success to meet his destiny. He knew that life is meant to be lived to its fullest. He smiled and saw the bright future ahead of him with dignity and respect. He got up from the bed with enthusiasm and abundant desires. His goal in life was to accomplish his mother’s dream. He finished the morning routine and dressed up for a long walk along the lake. His reached the spot and instantaneously he felt a fresh lease of life. The serenity and gentle breeze were indeed enchanting. He was strolling down along the track, and suddenly he felt someone was following him. He abruptly turned and saw Michele was smiling right behind him. He was so happy to see her in these captivating environments. He hugged and thanked her for timely guidance and support. He thought it to be appropriate occasions to propose her. He kneeled down and asked her to marry him. She obliged him and they continued their journey of long lasting relationship.

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